On the Festivity of St. Cecilia

The Music of Handel, and the Arts Board in our Province, November 22, 2009

On the day which has for hundreds of years honoured St. Cecilia as Patron of Music and Musicians, Gustin House celebrated the festivity with music by Handel and with reflections on the Saskatchewan Arts Board. Pianists Alexandra Diederichsen and Gregory Schulte performed Concerti Grossi, arranged for two keyboards, and Brenda Moats and Mr. Schulte performed Handel sonatas for keyboard and flute. During 2009, the Saskatchewan Arts Board—the first provincial arts council of its kind in Canada—has marked 60 years of supporting the arts in our province.  The afternoon’s guest speaker, Jeremy Morgan, Executive Director of the Arts Board, gave an overview of growth and development in the arts in Saskatchewan since the establishment of the Board and offered perspectives on the future.