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Venue: Gustin House 

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$25 regular / $15 student


Reservations required due to space limits: early reservation recommended.

Please inform of changes.


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Art Songs and Medieval-Renaissance Instruments ~  
Glories of the Tradition


Sunday, June 10, 3:00 p.m. at Gustin House
Gustin House, 512 - 10thSt. East, Saskatoon

Admission: $25 regular / $15 student
(proceeds to artists and inter-arts programs at Gustin House)
Reservations required due to space limits ~ early reservation recommended.
Please inform of changes.
To reserve, call (306) 373-9103, or e-mail (see sidebar at left) 

Tenor Michael Harris and pianist Gregory Schulte will perform the 16 exquisite songs of Dichterliebe (A Poet’s Love), regarded as the finest of Robert Schumann’s song cycles. The texts are settings of intimate lyric poems by Heinrich Heine. Although, since at least the Middle Ages, a singer has often been accompanied by a stringed instrument, the 19th century saw a great surge in composition for voice in full artistic partnership with piano, and the Schumann songs are beloved gems of this genre. Mr. Harris and Mr. Schulte, who share a deep passion for their art and who appear together frequently, will also perform other songs of the season and of humanity. 

Master luthier Weldon Gray will display his beautifully crafted instruments and describe their history and their design as based on study of Medieval and Renaissance paintings and carvings. Mr. Gray says about his work, "I have been interested in these early instruments most of my life and have been actively building them for many years, from lutes to the organistrum, which is an intriguing ancestor of the hurdy-gurdy, itself quite a fun instrument! While lutes were my main interest for some time, I’ve become fascinated with clarsachs, that is, early Irish harps.” All these instruments, highly regarded for the superb workmanship they exhibit, will be shown at the program.




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